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Posted by Betsy Natter on December 30, 2015

All About the Groom's Cake

You may not be familiar with a groom's cake, but the tradition of this special wedding confection goes back to the Victorian period. Historically, the groom served his groomsmen a cake as a special dessert just for them, while the bridesmaids were sometimes served a special dessert of their own. In some traditions, the groom would give a slice of the cake, usually a solid piece of liquor-laden fruitcake, to the bridesmaids to take home. The young women would then place the wrapped cake under their pillows that night and it was said that they would then dream of their future husbands.

Today, the groom's cake is served in various ways. Some couples place the cake on a side table and serve it along with the wedding cake as a special dessert. Others feature the groom's cake as the dessert at a rehearsal dinner, since that event is usually hosted by the groom's family. At some events, the groom's cake is sliced and packaged as a take home favor for all the guests. When and where it is served is up to each couple's discretion.

While the wedding cake is all about elegance and consistency with the theme and color scheme of the wedding, the groom's cake is all about fun and personality. Traditionally, the cake itself is chocolate, but since this confection is all about the groom his flavor preferences are priority. Usually, the bride creates this special treat as a surprise for her man, selecting more...

Posted by Betsy Natter on November 1, 2015

Freezing Your Cake Top for the 1st Anniversary

Many brides spend months or even a year planning their wedding and then suddenly the special day has come and gone. Hopefully the ceremony went off without a hitch, the photographs turned out perfectly, the food was fabulous and the celebration was an event to remember. But there is one more way to experience and remember the fun of your wedding day - enjoying a piece of wedding cake on your one year anniversary.

Age-old Tradition

The custom of eating a piece of your wedding cake on your anniversary goes back for hundreds of years to a time when cultural conventions were different than many of our practices today. Most couples would be expected to have a child within months of the wedding day and so to save money, extra cake would be prepared for the wedding and then saved to be eaten at the child's christening. Of course, in more...

Posted by Betsy Natter on October 4, 2015

What to Expect at Your Wedding Cake Consultation

You've selected the perfect dress, chosen gorgeous flowers, reserved an awesome venue and planned a delicious dinner for your guests. But there is still one more all-important wedding detail you don't want to skimp on... your wedding cake. A stunning cake is often a highlight of the reception, so take the time to make it special. Ann's Cake Pan offers free consultations where you can sample cake, choose filling flavors and select a cake design. Here are a few suggestions for things to think about before arriving at your consultation:

Wedding Theme and Mood

Arrive at your consultation prepared to discuss the theme of your wedding with the consultant. Are you looking for an elegant, formal tone or would you prefer a cake that fits in with a themed wedding, such as a vintage, beach or interest-focused theme. Your theme will most likely determine the style of cake you choose. Do you want round or square layers, cake stacked on cake or layers supported with pillars? Will you choose a cake with subtle tones or tinted icing that coordinates with a color scheme used elsewhere? While we have many model designs from which you can choose you may already have an idea. Be sure to bring a more...

Posted by Betsy Natter on September 27, 2015

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